Robert Schmierer

B.A Degree, California State University, Fullerton
Major in Graphic design and a minor in ceramics arts

Robert was introduced to ceramics while still in high school and took to it like a hog to mud or slip. While in college, he split his time pursuing his two passions, drawing and clay. He we forced to make a final decision regarding his future livelihood and chose graphic design, but always kept a hand in the clay to this day. Robert’s work is collected and enjoyed nationally.

Get out of the way and let the creativity flow through. Many of Robert’s pieces created themselves. Things broke off or slumped, providing the opportunity for something different and unexpected to come to life. It’s the process that’s important and allowing the flow of creative spirit to present it’s self in wondrous ways. Perhaps that’s why no two pieces look alike. It’s more satisfying creating something new rather than mass production.

Robert loves archeology. He’s fascinated by the fact that ceramic art that was created thousands of years ago still survives to this day. Every time he finds a pottery shard he is humbled to think that someone, just like him, created this 800 years ago  or more!. And here he is admiring it. So, with this in mind, he takes his time making his own ceramic art. He enjoys the journey.. He’s not worried about how long it takes. He makes his art the best he can, in that moment. Who knows, thousands of years from now, someone may find one of his art pieces. It’s Robert's hope that it too will be admired.

Nature also inspires Robert. His style reflects the movement and the way elements in nature seem to flow. Few things are straight. They curve and bend. And Mother Nature has a sense of humor. Most of Robert’s work contains some element of whimsy.

Future Projects:
Since Robert has been doing ceramics, he has never had the opportunity to do anything large in scale. Well, until now. Since coming to work at Reitz Ranch Center for Ceramics Arts he has access to some really, really, large kilns and all the tools to create his most ambitious creation ever, an eighteen foot long dragon.

Robert and Dragon

Ceramic Alien Lilly

Ceramic Teapot

Ceramic Teapot

Crawdad cxasserole dish

Frog Bowl

Ceramic Angel in the moment

Ceramic water fountain

Ceramic Frog platter

Ceramic Carp caravan bowl

Ceramic Elf Mead service set

Ceramic Carp tea service set

Ceramic Urn

Ceramic Bathroom set

Ceramic Mead mug

Ceramic “In The Flow” bowl

Ceramic “In The Flow” bowl 2

Ceramic Crawdad casserole dish2

Ceramic  Sea planter

Ceramoc Carp platter

Ceramic Red Tank Draw platter

Ceramic Ark of the Carp”